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Gullah Gullah Island

28 Jul

Years Aired: 1994-1998
Station: Nickelodeon

Gullah Gullah Island still airs on Nick Jr, but I don’t get Nick Jr. so I can’t watch it.

What I remember:
Well, there was a giant frog named Binyah Binyah. Or… I think it was actually a polliwog? But polliwogs don’t have have full arms and legs. The family lived on an island which is why the show is called Gullah Gullah Island.

I guess Binyah Binyah is a polliwog because he has a tail. But I still think if you’re bigger than a child then you aren’t a tadpole anymore.

This family lives in the same house as Clarissa Explains it all. Really, I looked it up, this is the same set. They have a conversation and then the mom turns and talks to the camera. She says today is a day to be really silly. It’s tickle my ticklebone day! They’re singing the theme song again but saying “Smullah Smullah Smisland”. Is this a part of tickle my ticklebone day?

One kid calls the dad “Dad” but one calls him “Uncle”. This is what’s bad about not starting at the first episode. I didn’t think I would run into continuity problems on a show for preschoolers. Anyway, he has to work so he’ll be missing out on tickle my ticklebone day. I don’t think tickle my ticklebone day is a real thing. But the purple pelican that shows up at the window knows about it.
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