Gullah Gullah Island

28 Jul

Years Aired: 1994-1998
Station: Nickelodeon

Gullah Gullah Island still airs on Nick Jr, but I don’t get Nick Jr. so I can’t watch it.

What I remember:
Well, there was a giant frog named Binyah Binyah. Or… I think it was actually a polliwog? But polliwogs don’t have have full arms and legs. The family lived on an island which is why the show is called Gullah Gullah Island.

I guess Binyah Binyah is a polliwog because he has a tail. But I still think if you’re bigger than a child then you aren’t a tadpole anymore.

This family lives in the same house as Clarissa Explains it all. Really, I looked it up, this is the same set. They have a conversation and then the mom turns and talks to the camera. She says today is a day to be really silly. It’s tickle my ticklebone day! They’re singing the theme song again but saying “Smullah Smullah Smisland”. Is this a part of tickle my ticklebone day?

One kid calls the dad “Dad” but one calls him “Uncle”. This is what’s bad about not starting at the first episode. I didn’t think I would run into continuity problems on a show for preschoolers. Anyway, he has to work so he’ll be missing out on tickle my ticklebone day. I don’t think tickle my ticklebone day is a real thing. But the purple pelican that shows up at the window knows about it.

Binyah Binyah is a giant tadpole that can talk. He’s playing with blocks in the backyard. But is he a pet? Is he a part of the family? Either way, that’s kind of strange. Another child walks by, scares Binyah Binyah, and walks away.

The kids are making silly sandwiches and trying to trick each other into saying tickle my ticklebone. The silly sandwiches are peanut butter sandwiches with the peanut butter on the outside. I don’t understand the point of tickle my ticklebone day.

That purple pelican, who is wearing a hawaiian shirt, is back at the window. He’s sad that the dad has to work on tickle my ticklebone day, so to help he’s telling knock knock jokes. Surprisingly it didn’t help, and he leaves discouraged.

One of the kids is in the yard bugging Binyah Binyah again while he’s trying to play with blocks. It’s one of the girls and she has on a Binyah Binyah costume. A cartoon fly flies across screen, which is a perfect time for the girl, Binyah Binyah, and the fly to sing “Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me.” It’s all very confusing. I just want to know what’s going on with tickle my ticklebone day.

Luckily, the pelican is back with more knock knock jokes. The dad keeps getting annoyed even though he’s the one who keeps answering the jokes. He finally liked one of them! That means it’s time for the pelican to start singing. The song is about knock knock jokes, which are really just puns. I’m going to start counting the kids shows that don’t have puns, which so far is none.

The kids are still eating inside out sandwiches when the mom comes downstairs with her clothes on backwards. They all, including the pelican, try to say “silly sandwiches” as if it’s a tongue twister. They aren’t even trying. They’re just saying “Ss ss ss ss”.

Binyah Binyah is making good progress on the block tower! Until he falls on top of it. And his segment is over. Binyah Binyah is not adding anything to the plot of this show. I thought he was the star! All he’s done so far is fallen over and confused me.

The mom makes a silly sandwich out of chips, a pickle, and ketchup. Aren’t Nick Jr. shows supposed to be educational? Now they’re singing again! They’re trying to distract from the lack of plot with kitchen dancing.

Some guy named Abuelo comes over who also knows about tickle my ticklebone day. He’s come to celebrate and has brought a giant bubble blower. Everyone loves bubbles, including Binyah Binyah. They love bubbles so much, they start singing again. I wish all families were like this.

Then the show’s over. I’m just going to recap everything that happened. The dad worked. The rest of the family ate silly sandwiches. A pelican told knock knock jokes. Everyone sang songs and played with bubbles. Binyah Binyah played with blocks. The whole thing somehow lasted thirty minutes.

What did we learn?


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